glance install

マシンのリソース使用状況がcommand line上で見られる

-参考) command line - System Monitoring Tools For Ubuntu - Ask Ubuntu-

- How to install and use

% sudo apt-get install python-pip build-essential python-dev
% sudo pip install Glances
% sudo pip install PySensors
% glances

In glances you’ll see a lot of information about the resources of
your system: CPU, Load, Memory, Swap Network, Disk I/O and
Processes all in one page, by default the color code means:

GREEN : the statistic is “OK”
BLUE : the statistic is “CAREFUL” (to watch)
VIOLET : the statistic is “WARNING” (alert)
RED : the statistic is “CRITICAL” (critical)

When Glances is running, you can press some special keys to give
commands to it:

c: Sort processes by CPU%
m: Sort processes by MEM%
p: Sort processes by name
i: Sort processes by IO Rate
d: Show/hide disk I/O stats
f: Show/hide file system stats
n: Show/hide network stats
s: Show/hide sensors stats
b: Bit/s or Byte/s for network IO
w: Delete warning logs
x: Delete warning and critical logs
1: Global CPU or Per Core stats
h: Show/hide this help message
q: Quit (Esc and Ctrl-C also work)
l: Show/hide log messages
Written on January 27, 2015